terça-feira, outubro 09, 2007

What did you do in the last days?

Gatwick airport. Gatwick Express. Taxi. South Kensington. Home sweet home. Que bella casa. Dinner at Yauatcha. Maya. Tramp. Do you wanna sleep? Shiny-sunny day. Kensington streets. Convent Garden. Picadilly Circus. A-m-a-z-i-n-g dinner at Sketch. Bath. La Movida. A freezing queue. Mafia's apartment. Around the world to come back home on high heels. Smiling in the meantime. Hot bed. God Bless! V.I.P Room. "I wanna go to Harrod's". Someone here is a shopaholic. Picadilly with a different light. Killing everybody's hungry at sophisticated Mr Chow. Hurry, let's eat the streets. Hot milk while buying some **** boots. Absolut Disco Special Edition. Now K has a K to save her keys. So special. Big hamburger in a side street full of happy people. Magazines. Mind the gap. Oh no, I wo't eat anything else. Half chicken at Nando's, for a portuguese taste. The Prestige. Warning-morning call. Last gifts. Last jacket. Last wonderful conversation with that someone in that someplace. Sun, sun, sun. South Kensington. An extra bag. Taxi. Gatwick Express. Gatwick airport. Fire alarm. Flights delayed. No fire, just killing our time. Aproaching to Portela. Strange sounds at the arrival. "This is the captain, we had some problems with the airplane system, we have to stay here until someone come to pick us to our plane". Really? And if it was a few minutes before? Bags. Smile. Home. What a great time to be alive. No doubt about it.

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Miss V. disse...

Wow! Inspiring text. Just love telegraphic messages. You had a blast! Love London! Places. Windows. Buildings. Stores. Glamour. Just Love it! Love your blog! Be happy.

Caltuga disse...

South Ken?!? Nice! I have very found memories of my red-brick primary school! Le Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle! Man, how I do miss London... and San Franciso... and I love Lisbon too...! Can't we just multiply ourselves...?

MysterOn disse...

(K, long time no see...)

St. Josephs Primary School - Chelsea, isso é que é!!!

London the neverending city!

Para não deixar de mencioanr o agradável texto...que me faz lembrar muitas coisas, especialmente a parte do Gatwick Express, Gatiwick, etc, etc, etc ;)


eyes shut & what's keeping you awake? disse...

eu não fiz nada disto, mas não tarda, vou fazer!!!!!! apetece-me!